Where Does JellyBag Deliver To?

The JellyBag range can be delivered Australia wide! Simply pop in your address to view any delivery charges. Remember if you place your order before 12pm it will be dispatched the same day!

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What do I need to do when my JellyBag arrives?

Congratulations on your purchase, we look forward to hearing about your JellyBag experience. There are just a few simple steps to follow when your JellyBag arrives.

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How do I maintain my JellyBag?

Very minimal maintenance is required. Unlike other brands or bean bags, JellyBag use our unique, combination grade foam which is manufactured here in Australia and treated with Ultra Fresh. Our foam is an open celled foam which expands back to its original shape so there is no need to refill the bag or “bounce” it back to it’s original shape – this happens automatically!

All you may need to do is hand wash the removable cover in cold water every once and a while to keep your it clean.

It’s that easy!

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Do you deliver to a PO Box?

Unfortunately we can’t ship to a PO Box and it will need to be a physical address.

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How will my JellyBag be delivered?

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Will the foam go flat?

No, we have a designed a unique foam that is opened celled. We like to think of its properties similar to a sponge when you wring water out, it bounces back to it’s full size – the same as our JellyBag foam!

This will ensure that you are constantly supported and comfortable in your JellyBag.

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Will the foam burst or spill out?

No – we totally understand the frustration that is involved in having to empty a bean bag! This is why we have added an inner lining to your JellyBag. This allows you keep all your foam together when you take the cover off the JellyBag.

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Can you wash the covers?

Yes our covers can be kept clean by a gentle hand wash in cold water. Unzip your cover from the inner lining of your JellyBag, give a gentle hand wash and be sure to hang to dry. It is very important not to tumble dry your JellyBag cover!

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How can I pay for my JellyBag?

We offer a variety of payments methods including creditcard via VISA or Mastercard. We also have payment options with AfterPay and ZipPay. If you are unable to purchase your JellyBag online simply give us a call and we can process your order over the phone.

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What can I do if I’m having troubles placing an order online?

We are extremely sorry that you are having these issues. You are able to give us a call on 0412 524 460 or email us at info@jellybag.com.au and we can help you straight away!

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What is inside your JellyBag?

Your JellyBag consists of our highest quality, one of a kind, combination grade foam that is manufactured right here in Australia.  The foam is open celled which means that (insert explanation), this means that your jelly bag will bounce back to is normal shape every time. There is no having to constantly refill your bag with extra foam or beans or even have to push it back to it’s original shape after using it.

The foam inside your JellyBag is also treated with Ultra-Fresh which provides continued freshness properties to the foam. Ultra-Fresh prevents the growth of mould, fungi and bacteria which averts the habitation of house dust mites, keeping your JellyBag clean and healthy!

Our JellyBags have been through many hours of enjoyable testing and trialling and we are very happy to have created a comfortable, luxurious and supportive JellyBag that is perfect for your home.

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Ph: 0412 524 460

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